Toyota MR2 1998

1998 Toyota MR2 GT 16V T-Bar is for sale on our website, Trade Classics, and will end on Thursday 15th April - the price here is our auction estimate. Please view Trade Classics to read more about the car with more photos of the car that will show you the full condition, with the option to directly ask the seller any questions you may have.

The MR2 is built to last with the bonus of offering a fine driving experience too. It's no secret that the MR2 in MK2 guise is now established as a modern classic. Sold in the UK with three trim levels, a coupe, GT and GT T-Bar all with different states of engine tune. Because of the unusually long production run of the MK2 MR2, one needs to do their homework to make sure that the car is what it states to be. The vast number of grey imports that flooded the market is not necessarily a bad thing, as many were well kept but often lack any meaningful history. This is where Brian's 1998 example comes in. Originally sold in Norfolk, it has been kept in its original condition with no suggestion of modification or tuning. The car is the most desirable of the UK MK2 MR2 family, with the revised rear lights and upgraded rear suspension, offering the 168BHP engine and the much appreciated T- Bar. Furthermore, it comes with just three previous owners and a full-service history. As a rival to the Mazda MX5, which is now firmly established as an investment, the MR2 can still be found for a modest outlay, but as the condition of the car has a dramatic effect on the way it drives and feels, it would be far more sensible to seek out an original and well-kept example.

We've written a longer and detailed description about this vehicle on our website that will have all of your burning questions answered. To see the car on our site then just click the 'Website' link on this listing - it will take you directly to the car without searching, or you can search for us, Trade Classics, on Google.

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Price: £12,000
Country : United Kingdom
Location : Scotland
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Date Added : Date Added:April 14, 2021